•  Trenbolon Mix Benelux Pharma 150mg/10ml

Trenbolon Mix Benelux Pharma 150mg/10ml

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Trenbolone Acetate...............................50mg
Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarb........50mg
Trenbolone enanthate........................50mg
Trenbolone mix is ​​the trade name for trenbolone mix. Trenbolone mix has high anabolic value. It gives the user quality and pure muscle, provides fat burning without dieting. Incredibly adds muscle mass and burns fat with a high protein diet.

Trenbolone use should not exceed 8 weeks, it tires the kidneys more than the liver, so it is useful to consume extra water.

Trenbolone Mix side effects;

As with any steroid, it can accelerate acne and hair loss if you have genetic shedding.
There may be a deepening of the voice.
The libido level may be too high.
He can be aggressive.
Usage of Trenbolone Mix;
Most athletes inject at least twice a week. Some bodybuilders can use 1-2 ampoules daily 3-4 weeks before the competition.

Weekly Trenbolone mix dosage; It is between 150-450mg.

When combined with Winstrol injection, great quality muscle gain and strength is achieved. It is possible to get tremendous results when combining Trenbolone with growth hormone.

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