Payment options

We have minimum order to all European countries 150€ and 200$ to USA . 

We do not have minimum order to UK.

We really sorry but we don’t want to raise shipping cost also we have a good quality products with good prices and we need to have a minimum order outside of UK. 

It is preferred payment method. Mind please, that the payment goes instantly, if you buy Bitcoins for the first time it can appear a bit confusing, but after the first try it will go smoothly. When will you need some help please check this:

Bank Transfer / Western Union
In final step of the order you will see Western Union  / Bank Transfer select this one please check details again and send.

Next please check your email in your inbox, junk or spam folders for further instructions on how to complete your transfer request.

 If you are non UK customers and using Bank Transfer or Western Union as payment method, then please bear in mind that we may ask you to send the payment to another country than England . This does not change the fact that the order will be send from  the UK. You cannot request to which country the payment is sent to.  You will get all the instructions in your email after confirmation of order.