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    Letrozole 2.5mg 50tabs ZPHC

Letrozole 2.5mg 50tabs ZPHC

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 Letrozole ZPHC helps reduce estrogen and testosterone levels if it is slightly elevated. All this explains its wide popularity among bodybuilders.

It is worth buying Letrozole because of its high efficiency: the number of estrogens decreases by 97%.
The correct dosage of the drug can reduce its concentration to 79%.

Useful properties of Letrozol:

  • Removal of gynecomastia at the onset of steroid use;
  • Prevent or significantly reduce the negative effects of increased estrogen levels;
  • Prevent the development of catabolic processes in muscle tissue;
  • Enhancement of hormone production, including testosterone.

Side effect:

  • Joint pains;
  • Increased body temperature and pressure, a feeling of weakness;
  • Dizziness.

Features of use Letrozole ZPHC

It is advisable to use Letrosol only when taking anabolic steroids and androgens.
The dosage of the drug is 1-3 mg per day.

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